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Briefings on Business and Commercial Awareness topics

Do you need a quick briefing on a business-related topic?  Perhaps an interview is looming and you're worried you'll be expected to show understanding of the current financial situation? Or you've got a business idea and wonder if it could be developed?

Linked to this page is a series of leaflets, each dealing briefly and clearly with a separate business topic. The concepts in these leaflets are pitched at a level to provide the reader who has little or no business or commercial experience or awareness with a very basic overview of each subject. The topics outlined are, however, often inter-connected and to fully understand their impact it is recommended that further reading be undertaken.  This further study could be by way of specialist books and journals but, for many people, reading a quality newspaper on a regular basis will be adequate to develop their knowledge to a level acceptable to a recruiter seeking to fill a non-specialist job role. (Access each leaflet by clicking on its title below)

The topics covered are broadly split into two areas:

A: National and International Issues

1.     The financial crisis and its impact on the UK and other economies
2.      UK government borrowing
3.      Energy supply and costs

B:  Day to day business/commercial issues

4.      Understanding organisational structures and values
5.      Making the most of work experience including SWOT and PEST analysis
6.      Business planning
7.      Risk, reward and return on capital employed
8.      Raising finance
9.      Profit, cash flow and terms of trade