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Listening and Interpersonal Skills - Resources for Students

The resources included on this page are designed to help you to assess and develop your listening and interpersonal skills.

What's it all about?
htmlicon.gifWhy are listening and interpersonal skills so important?

htmlicon.gifListening is different to hearing. Find out more.

htmlicon.gifWhat can we learn from body language, facial expressions and gestures?

htmlicon.gifDo you question effectively?

htmlicon.gifFind out more about how virtual communication has brought about new issues involving interpersonal skills
Assess your skills
Try this listening and interpersonal skills audit which will help you to assess your current skills.


Top 3 activities
Listening and interpersonal skills tutorial
This tutorial is a good starting point if you have a range of development needs. It provides an introduction to the topic and a number of interactive activities.

Making group-work work
This resource will help you to appreciate the important roles that listening and interpersonal skills play in group work.

Questioning types
lips_3Use questions to influence the direction of conversation.

Further activities and resources
pdficon.gifDevelop your listening skills.

pdficon.gifDevelop your interpersonal skills.

pdficon.gifDevelop your questioning skills.

pdficon.gifDevelop your interpersonal skills when communicating online.
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