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The resources included on this page are designed to help you assess and develop your assessment skills.

What's it all about?
Succeeding at your studies will obviously involve doing well in your assessments. But aren’t all assessments different? Is it possible to learn general methods to succeed at any assessment task?

docicon.gifStep by step guide to getting through your assessments

docicon.gifLearning from your assessment feedback

Assess your skills

Not sure where to start? Have a go at this simple activity designed to help you determine your strengths and development needs.


Top 3 activities

The Assignment Survival Kit
learnhigherask.jpgThe ASK can help you to plan and complete different forms of assessment (essays, reports, maths). Type in the due date for your assessment and then follow the suggested steps.

Brainstorming ideas for your assessment
brainstorming.jpgSometimes the hardest part about an assessment is just getting started. Use this guide to brainstorming to get your ideas flowing for your next assessment.

Proofreading your work
proofreading.jpgDo you find that you often get feedback about the need to proofread and edit your work? Try this exercise. How well did you do? Check your answers
Further activities and resources
Do you sometimes find it difficult to understand your assessment question?
  • pdficon.gifGuide to instruction words

  • pdficon.gifGuide to maths instruction words
More guides on assessment...
Guide to checking your references

docicon.gifGuide to revising for maths assessments

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