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Numeracy Maths and Statistics - Resources for Students

The resources included on this page are designed to help you to assess and develop your numeracy maths and statistics skills.

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Have a go at these test questions. Each question in the database will generate thousands of examples, each with fully-worked solutions which you are invited to study. You can set up the fonts sizes and colours by clicking top-right of the screen. Most of the questions are at A-level standard, but some are at university level, so don't panic if some make no sense to you (yet)!  





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Further activities and resources

try-more.jpgMathletics is a set of assessments in many areas of mathematics at the levels of GCSE, AS, A level, and first- and second-year University

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Study Skills for the Mathematical Sciences

The transition from school to university requires you take responsibility for your studies and this is not easy. Whilst it’s rare to be completely up to date with your work, if you keep your studies under control by using the advice on this webpage and quite a lot of self-discipline, life will be more fun overall.

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