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Business and Commercial Awareness - Resources for Students

The resources included on this page are designed to help you to assess and develop your business and commercial awareness

What's it all about?
Here is a webpage and a downloadable document which discusses what business and commercial awareness is and ways in which you can develop it.

Why is B&CA important? 

Briefings on B&CA topics

How can I develop B&CA?

Assess your skills

Not sure where to start?

Have a go at this employability skills exercise designed to help you determine your strengths and development needs 



Further activities and resources
Develop your understanding of professional ethics with this lively resource

This resource helps you see the customer’s perspective on giving them the information they need

Thinking of starting your own business? Start here

Business advice from top business professionals

How to Turn Your Business Idea into Reality!

Try out this cross cultural business card quiz

Want to know about business and commercial awareness in different sectors?
Need to find out more? ...
doc_logoJournals and books


...also take a look at ...
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