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Structure of Students' Resources

What's it all about?

The information in this section describes what the Learning Area covers and gets you started.

Top 3 activities?

LearnHigher develops and collates peer reviewed resources in sixteen Learning Areas that underpin activity across all academic subjects. By pooling expertise and sharing resources between institutions, LearnHigher aims to resolve problems of access and duplication across the sector. LearnHigher is also taking a strategic approach to build and disseminate a sound evidence base to inform learning development in the sixteen Learning Areas. These are the top 3 activities to develop your skill in a particular Learning Area. 

Assess your skills

We try to provide tools that help you to assess your skills in a particular Learning Area to help guide your usage of the resources on offer.

Further activities and resources

Even though we select the top 3 activities there are lots more you can look at and use to develop your skills in this Learning Area. This is where you will find them.

Need to find out more...

Each Learning Area has links with other Learning Areas. This is where we point you to those related Learning Areas.