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Student focused websites

University of Leeds

An excellent learning skills site with lots of online resources to support students in their learning. Particularly good for listening and interpersonal skills

Open University

Comprehensive online material published as part of the Open University’s ‘LearningSpace’ resource with a particular focus on how to document evidence of good team-working so you can build up a portfolio of material. The booklet includes some useful pointers on developing a strategy when working with others.

Australian National University

Another Australian site, this one covers a broad range of learning skills. Although the Groupwork section is a little sparse, it does provide a useful list of key skills developed by groupwork from an engineering perspective. It also includes links to other websites that similarly provide groupwork info with an engineering flavour.

Aston University

A good general resource, cleanly laid out, with some helpful concise points to consider with regard to criticism and responsibility.

University of Sydney

A nice-looking Australian site, with practical project-management advice. There is a good section on running effective meetings and a number of useful pdf downloads.


An Australian website that provides a brief outline of some common considerations for students when they undertake group work. Although the site does not go into any great depth, the material is presented clearly and in a very practical way. Provides a good overview.

University of Technology-Sydney

This clearly laid out site is provided by the University of Technology in Sydney and comprehensively introduces students to the whole groupworking cycle. There is a good section on action plans and the site also provides a number of useful templates and example pdfs.

Pennsylvania State University

Guidelines for student teams. Guidance for student teams from Penn State University. The FAQ would be useful for all students.