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LearnHigher Year Planner

PLanner uses 09-10.jpgThis innovative, flexible year planner has been designed specifically for the needs of university students. It is based on research into student time management conducted as part of the LearnHigher CETL and it is designed in conjunction with Chalet Alpin. This highly successful planner was piloted at the University of Reading in 2007 and is now being used at universities across the UK and internationally. The unique folded sheet design enables students to use the planner in multiple ways - as a diary, single month calendar, time line, or wall planner. The planner also has monthly time management tips tailored to the demands of the academic year. Feedback shows that the planners help students visualise their time effectively and they are also extremely popular for project and revision planning.

The planner can be customised for your university or a generic version can be ordered in small, cost-effective batches.

For more information and to receive sample copies of the planner, please contact Luce Choules at learnhigher@foldedsheet.com  

For more news about the planners and for current pictures see the Foldedsheet website