Help and index of pages

This tutorial has been written so you can dip in and out as it suits you to learn. It is divided into the following sections:

  1. Introduction to data collection
  2. The Research Process
  3. Suggested Scenarios
  4. Collecting your data
  5. Using and presenting your data

Work through the sections that interest you and if you don't want to complete it all in one go, make a note of which page you paused at.

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Index of pages

These are all the pages contained on the tutorials and are listed in the sections that you will find them.

The Research Process Suggested Scenarios Collecting your Data Using and Presenting your Data
The research process
What comes next
Research problem/purpose
Research problem/purpose part two
Research design and strategies
Examples of design, strategies & methods
Sampling methods
Suggested scenarios — picture the scene
Suggested scenarios - picture the scene part two
Statistical Data
Questionnaires: Guidance notes and Examples
Interview: Guidance notes and examples
Focus groups
Focus groups: Guidance notes and examples
Diaries: Guidance notes on developing a diary
Observation: Notes for guidance in observation
Using and presenting your data
What to include in the report
Other tyes of presentation