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Welcome to Analyse This!! A free online tutorial that will help you develop your data analysis skills for your coursework studies, projects, and dissertations. The tutorial looks at quantitative and qualitative data analysis, with some practical examples and advice on effectively analysing your data.

Who is the tutorial for?

It's designed to help students in higher and further education who are undertaking data collection and analysis activities for their coursework studies, projects, and dissertations.

What does the tutorial cover?

The tutorial is divided into the following sections:

What does the tutorial involve?

You can work through the whole tutorial by selecting the next button at the bottom of each screen, or use the table of contents in the left margin to skip to a section. Helpful hints, tips and references can be found under the menu on the left and change according to the content on each page.

A note on style and navigation

To navigate through the tutorial, please use the Back and Next buttons on the top or bottom left of the page. Any links to websites, examples, and references used in this tutorial do not open in a new window, so you need to use the Back button in your own browser to return to the tutorial.

You can reach the homepage from anywhere on the website by clicking on the logo at the top of the page.

OK, let's get started!

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