6/11 Tools to help manage data


Sorting, categorising and coding and analysing data can all be done manually. Particularly if you are not dealing with large amounts of data.

Manual management of data could include:

For example: To analyse the question about 'Making use of computers in the library', a simple identification of categories and themes using highlighted text could be as follows:

Mr D has done a 'clueless about computers' course and CLAIT , both using library facilities. CLAIT was an excellent course, and he now has the confidence to use the internet at home (which means he no longer uses the library as often). The free access is very important - he could learn at his own pace without pressure, which was very good. There was always someone available to give advice if needed.

Mr J used the facilities to support his LearnDirect course for Frontpage 98. The free access was invaluable as he could only have 15 hours at college. He was unemployed when doing this, but now uses these skills working from home. He has built a web site on tourism using library PCs.

Mr T has learned how to search the internet, and now uses it to look for information about holiday destinations e.g. weather. He has learned how to email and shop online. It has been wonderful. Has been through sessions with the freelance tutor in the library.

Mrs D used the BBC webwise CD to learn how to use the internet. This has enabled her to search the internet. Without library facilities, she would have had to learn this somewhere else, like college. The library provides continued access to the internet, which she does not have at home or work at the moment.

Having identified these initial categories (i.e. use of computers) you would then go back to your data to look for further categories or themes, such as user satisfaction (e.g. Mr D thought CLAIT was an excellent course) and impact (e.g. following the CLAIT course Mr D now has the confidence to use the internet at home).

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