Help and index of pages

The tutorials have been written so you can dip in and out as it suits you to learn. They are divided into three sections: introduction to data analysis, qualitative data analysis and quantitative data analysis. Each section is the subdivided into the main points about each and then an overview of data tools and techniques. You will find relevant references at the end of bth qualitative and quantitative tutorials.

Work through the sections that interest you and if you don't want to complete it all in one go, make a note of which page you paused at.

You will find various small quizzes and exercises to test your knowledge. The quantitative section has an SPSS exercise so you will find it helpful if you have access to the programme.

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Index of pages

These are all the pages contained on the tutorials and are listed in the sections that you will find them.

Introduction Qualitative Quantitative
Data analysis part one
Data analysis part two
Introduction Quiz
Advantages and disadvantages
Research issues
Coding of data
Coding of data part two
Manual tools to help manage data
Electronic data tools
Computer Aided Qualitative Data Analysis
Finding meaning from your data
Writing up analysed data
Qualitative and Quantitative Readings
Sources of quantitative data
Advantages and disadvantages of quantitative data analysis
Quantitative research issues
Causality - cause and effect
Using software for statistical analysis
Software - Some key concepts
Online Survey Services
Survey Monkey
Mean, Median, Mode
Missing values in SPSS
Data View in SPSS
Statistical analysis using SPSS
Statistical analysis exercises
Statistics in summary
Quantitative data quiz
Quantitative Readings