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Group Work - Resources for Students

The resources included on this page are designed to help you assess and develop your group work skills.

What's it all about?
pdficon.gifWhy is group work important?

pdficon.gifCreating your team

pdficon.gifEffective communication

pdficon.gifGroup project management

pdficon.gifFeedback and reflection

Assess your skills
Not sure where to start? Have a go at this simple activity designed to help you determine your strengths and development needs.

Top 3 activities
Making group-work work video resource (Adobe Flash required)
This video resource introduces some common issues faced by groups. There are also some reflective exercises to help you get the most from the videos.

Group work online booklet
This booklet provides a comprehensive guide to student group work and includes some interesting activities.

Further activities and resources
pdficon.gifSome info on group rules

pdficon.gifSome common meeting roles

pdficon.gifAn example meeting agenda

pdficon.gifAn example of meeting minutes (notes).
pdficon.gifDownloadable copy of the Group Work Booklet
Need to find out more? ...
pdficon.gifJournals and books


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