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Time Management - Resources for Staff

The resources on this page can support you in helping your students assess and develop the practices they use for managing their time. They are available for free educational use under a Creative Commons licence. You are welcome to link to them, use them and adapt them if necessary for your students, but please acknowledge LearnHigher as authors.

Resources for tutors

LearnHigher's innovative video resources for tutors collect in one place everything you need to teach a variety of study practices, including slides, exercises and icebreaker activities, handouts and video tips.

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To access the full range of video resources on 20 key practices for student learning, click here.


You may also find the following sets of resources useful...

Mobile Learning

Independent Learning


Top 3 pick up and go classroom activities
Teaching notes and handouts for activities to develop more effective time management. All in Word so you can adapt if necessary.

Getting yourself informed (Word)


Breaking bad habits (Word)


Dealing with distractions (Word)

Theoretical underpinning
Resources developed by LearnHigher are informed by primary and secondary research into student practices and preferences.

Case studies

Activities for students to use independently
Exercises and guides you can link to from your own webpages. Or print off PDF versions to hand out.
The 5-step plan - a quick plan for the overwhelmed student.


How do you use your time?  - an exercise to help students identify what they may need to change.


Overcoming procrastination 

- strategies that have proved successful with students in practice. 

Supporting information
Annotated lists of publications relevant to student time management.

Journal articles (PDF)

Books (PDF)

Websites (PDF)