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Numeracy Maths and Statistics - Resources for Staff

The following pages contain resources that have been developed and exploited at Brunel University across a wide range of undergraduate courses and levels.

Resources for tutors

Why students need additional maths support and how staff can help students to be more confident in maths, numeracy and statistics


Computer-aided assessment

Assessments in many areas of mathematics at the levels of GCSE, AS, A level, and first- and second-year University

What are Computer-Aided Assessments?



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Maths E.G.


Top 3 pick up and go classroom activities

Workshops and confidence logs


Learn Higher activities at Brunel:

  • One-to-one and drop-in sessions
  • Topic of the week workshops
  • Portal for existing material
  • Development of new materials
  • Computer-aided assessments
  • Effective Learning Week
  • The Maths Cafe
  • Bespoke teaching e.g. PGCE and pre-university courses
  • Interact with teaching staff

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Video resources


Online materials

Maths Café in Brunel

Brunel University runs a drop-in service over the revision period to provide tutorial assistance to any student urgently needing help as the examination period approaches. One-to-one support was provided but also paper- and computer-based resources were also available. Find more


Paper resources


Read Maths Cafe Report 2010

Read Maths Cafe Report 2009

Read Maths Cafe Report 2008