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Mobile Learning - Resources for Staff

The resources included on this page are designed to help you develop your mobile learning projects.

Resources for tutors

What is M-learning?

A wide definition of mobile learning (commonly referred to as m-learning) is the ability to learn independently of place and time, facilitated by a range of mobile devices.

pdficon.gifMobile learning has a series of characteristics that potential buyers and designers should be aware of: read more...

pdficon.gifExamples of M-learning by Judy Brown

Key things to consider if you want to start an M-learning project:

htmlicon.gifMobile learning considerations

Following video resource provides help for those delivering student workshops/classroom activities.

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M-learning factsheets

These fact sheets have been developed with the intention of keeping them as simple as possible and trying to avoid the usual techno jargon.

htmlicon.gifTop tips for buying a netbook

htmlicon.gifTop podcast tips for a great sound

htmlicon.gifTop tips for developing mobile resource from an existing one.

LearnHigher resources that have been modified for the mobile environment

These have been tested on various platforms (devices/operating systems) and mobile browsers.

Assignment Survival Kit (ASK): The ASK can help you to plan and complete different forms of assessment (essays, reports, maths).

Collect This: An online tutorial introducing basic principles of data collection using a range of methods.  

Analyse This: An online tutorial  to quide you through the analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data.

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