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Critical Thinking and Reflection - Resources for Staff

The resources included on this page are designed to help you assess and develop your students' critical thinking and reflection skills.

Resources for tutors

This video resource provides suggestions and practical help for those who wish to deliver critical thinking and reflection activities in the classroom.

critical-thinking-video_r1_c1.jpgClick on the image to access the resource.

You may also find the following resources helpful when considering  Academic Writing, Assessment and  Referencing for students.

academic-writing-video.jpgAcademic Writing   assessment-video.jpg

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Top 3 pick up and go classroom activities

Reflective Thinking using the Critical Thinking Model

plymouth_uni_la_r5_c5.jpgHelp your students engage in deeper critical reflection

Study Guides

plymouth_uni_la_r3_c2.jpgThe critical thinking study guide is useful as an introduction to critical thinking and for quick reference.

If you use this study guide we would be very grateful if you could complete this brief online questionnaire to help us to further develop our resources.

The reflection Study Guide will help you to apply a critical approach to your reflective work for assignments, group work and PDP.

WrAssE framework activity

plymouth_uni_la_r7_c7.jpgEnabling students to recognise description, analysis and evaluation in their written work using the ‘WrAssE  (Writing for Assignments E-library)’ framework

Activities for students to use independently
Critical Thinking Model independent activity

ct-model.jpgUsing the Critical Thinking Model to overcome procrastination, plan effectively and structure your argument.


Supporting information

pdficon.gifJournals and publications 



Theoretical underpinning

pdficon.gifLiterature review



pdficon.gifCase studies