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Group-work video resource

Making group-work work goes mobile.

An introductory trailer has been created to give viewers a flavour of the main resource. Visit this link on your mobile to find out more:

Making group-work work - in brief......

This site is designed to help both students and tutors understand and overcome the challenges of group work. The learning path involves a series of 10 episodes, taking five students through the journey of a group work project. Each episode highlights a different aspect of working as part of a group and includes a number of video clips, audio clips as well as observation and discussion points. There are also a range of additional resources that can be accessed to expand upon or reinforce points raised within the episode.

The resource can be used independently or as part of a tutor led session. Users can dip in and out of the episodes or follow the students through their task from start to finish. To launch straight in, select The episodes option from the menu (new users may find it useful to take a look at the Technical 'need to know', Moving around and Accessibility options first). If you find you need some help there are help pages for both students and for tutors.

We hope you enjoy working with this resource and take the time to forward your comments and feedback.

Some background information

This website has been designed and developed by three LearnHigher partners; the Universities of Brunel, Bradford and Leeds.

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The resource integrates the three learning areas supported by the Universities:

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