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Group and collaborative learning is becoming an integral part of many higher education programmes, but in many cases students do not have the required skills to work effectively in groups.

This resource has been designed to offer tutors a number of options. They can work through from start to finish or, more likely, they can dip in and out highlighting specific episodes to illustrate current issues or challenges. The episodes can also be accessed by students independently, allowing the tutor to use the resource for pre-session familiarisation, embed it into a learning session or signpost it for post session reinforcement.

By making the resource flexible in structure and generic in content, it can be embedded into most established learning programmes or used as a stand-alone resource. It can also provide a reference point for reflective journals or group learning logs.

Episode planner - pdfTo gain an overview of the content of the episodes and the learning outcomes take a look at the episode planner (you may find it useful to print a copy for reference. The menu on the right provides more information on the components of the episodes.