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Rob, Vikki, Shireen, Muzz and Delia have been randomly selected to work together to develop a presentation entitled 'The barriers to learning'. It's not an easy ride. The following 10 episodes show the journey, from their first meeting through to their impressions of the presentation and working together.

Before launching into the episodes it is suggested that you take a look at the options from the menu to the right. Find out more about the students, read a copy of the presentation brief and discover how to make the most of the episodes.

View episode 1 Episode 1 - The first meeting

Five students meet for the first time; their task to develop a group presentation outlining the barriers to learning.
View episode 2 Episode 2 - Getting started

Allocating tasks to meet their goal.
View episode 3 Episode 3 – What is our approach?

Planning how they are going to do it.
View episode 4 Episode 4 – Managing conflict

Conflict is preventing the group from progressing with the task.
View episode 5 Episode 5 – Meeting the tutor

Poor communication between students and tutor.
View episode 2 Episode 6 - Shaping the presentation

Defining the content and format of the presentation:
View episode 3 Episode 7 – Participation and sub-groups

Questioning commitment.
View episode 4 Episode 8 – Assessing group work

Assessment of the project.
View episode 5 Episode 9 – Support and Feedback

Feedback session turns into a tense argument.
View episode 4 Episode 10 – Evaluating the experience

Student feedback.