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Oral Communication - Resources for Students

The resources included on this page are designed to help you assess and develop your oral communicaion skills.

What's it all about?
pdficon.gifAt university we are involved in contributing to discussions and debates in seminars and workshops and giving individual and group presentations. This website offers a range of resources, including video clips, discussion points, downloadable guidance and self-assessment tools, to help you to develop oral communication techniques.

Assess your skills

docicon.gifAre you getting the most out of seminars?

You will gain confidence in your oral presentation skills If you systematically self-evaluate using  the sorts of rating scales that are used by assessors. Try rating yourself as you practise your presentation – or pair up with a friend and do it together.



Top 3 activities

Taking part in seminars
Many people owe their success to their ability to to participate confidently in discussion. It is a major part of the process of learning. Working through this online resource will get you started.

Preparing and giving presentations
Learn how to prepare effectively for oral presentations.


Further activities and resources

Coming soon.

Need to find out more? ...
pdficon.gifMost books on 'Study Skills' will include sections on oral communication/presentations. You will also find whole books related to the topic on this list.

pdficon.gifWebsite: you might find this audit of communication skills helpful.

htmlicon.gifPresentations are often done in groups so take a look at:

htmlicon.gifSpeaking in seminars is not all one way so take a look at: