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Group work - Resources for Staff

The resources included on this page are designed to help you assess and develop your students' group work skills.

Resources for tutors

This resource provides suggestions and practical help for those delivering student workshops/classroom activities.

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LIPS_Video.jpgYou may also find the following listening and interpersonal skills resources helpful when considering group work.

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Top 3 pick up and go classroom activities

Group work workshops material

  Hand- outs Teaching notes
Team rule exercise docicon.gif docicon.gif
Communication skills exercise docicon.gif docicon.gif
Group organisation exercise docicon.gif docicon.gif

Group work further resources

Theoretical underpinning

docicon.gifGroup work theory 

docicon.gifBradford survey 1 

docicon.gifBradford survey 2 

Activities for students to use independently (Adobe Flash required)

video_resource_1.jpgMaking group-work work video resource



mouse_1.jpgInteractive questions



booklet_2.jpgGroup work booklet.



Supporting information

docicon.gifReference list 

htmlicon.gifWebsites for students

htmlicon.gifWebsites for staff